We have the following presentations available. Please contact Ian Farrier on to place a booking.
100 years ago                                                   Methodist churches
Around Arthurs Hill                                         Mining
Around Benwell                                               Pendower: The story of a place and a name.
Around Denton                                                River Tyne
Atkinson Road School                                     Scotswood
Benwell through the years                            Scotswood in Benwell
Benwell Big Houses                                         Scotswood pubs
Benwell – Then and now                                Scotswood through the years
Blaydon Races Anniversary                           Shops in the west end
Delaval and Paradise                                      The good(?) old days
Elswick through the years                             The old roads of Benwell
Fenham                                                             The Military Road story
Geordie                                                              Vickers Armstrongs
Jimmy Forsyth’s Scotswood Road                West Denton
Lemington and Newburn                              Westerhope